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Operation Philosophy


Honesty, mutual benefit and win-win, tireless, embrace change.


Honesty is the foundation of honesty, the word "sincerity" takes the lead, treat each other with "sincerity", operate legally and give back to the society. Mutual benefit and win-win situation - suppliers and customers are part of the winner's home. Families make progress together and develop scientifically. Diligent and tireless - adhering to the initiative of entrepreneurship, full of passion and hard development; Embrace change - actively adapt to all changing affairs and situations, and realize the vision of world brand and win in a hundred years in the rapid changes.

The Spirit of Enterprise


do what you say, be strict with yourself and others, dare to take responsibility and work hard


to do what you say, to be strict with yourself and to be lenient with others -- a letter advocating to win and to form a combination and unity of being strict with yourself and being lenient with others. Dare to take responsibility and make great efforts -- we advocate the spirit of adhering to principles, being serious and responsible, daring to show our sword in the face of big problems and contradictions, daring to face up to difficulties, daring to stand up in the face of crisis, daring to take responsibility in the face of mistakes, and daring to fight resolutely in the face of evil trends. Work hard with the right attitude to strive for prosperity.

Core Values


Success Depends on Talent and Accumulation


Wincell adhere to the people-oriented, the full implementation of the "talent strong enterprise" strategy Focus on talent resource , respect talent, trying to build a high-tech top talent team Igorously enhance the enterprise's scientific development of new capabilities

Management philosophy

Fairness and justice -- telling the truth and doing practical things Be open and transparent -- be principled and do good deeds Distinguish between public and private - focus on dedication and success