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Wincell Middle Annual Management Meeting


On 8th,July,2018,Wincell Middle Annual Management Meeting was held in the headquarter Wincell International Industrial Park. 


Wincell general manager, production manager and all sales general managers presented their annual summary and planning in the next half year.

On production capacity developing,we had finished Guangzhou branch factory and Wuhan branch factory setting. Together with the production lines in the headquarter, there would be totally 14 production lines and will expend to 19 lines in near future, based on the whole business developing all over the world.


For better monitoring on the whole goods processing, Wincell designed the most advanced managing OA and SAP system. By these excellent IT system, both of our inner workmate and our customer everywhere could monitor the goods after placing orders.Our principle is that how much service customers need, how much we could reach.


We finalized our sales target amount of USD110  million in the coming 2019. We believe we could realize the target exactly. Better Insulation Understanding, Better Wincell believing.