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Technology and Products Exchange Meeting of Wincell Insulation


Wincell Insulation held a one-hour product technology exchange meeting at 8pm on May 15, 2018. Wincell Insulation pay more attention to this exchange meeting, and the marketing professional lecturer Liu Di give a speech. At last, the vice President in charge of answering questions after the meeting. The meeting interaction atmosphere was active, obtaining good training effect.

The content of the meeting are divided to 4 parts, cooling tower noise pollution control case, acoustic of caring the ear, General rubber, Wincell Insulation Chinese, Zhongjing technology square cooling tower integrated noise reduction project

Exchange questions after the meeting are as follows.

Q: How much is the price difference between the colored cotton and ordinary rubber cotton? Is it same?

A: The difference between the two prices is about 40%, and the material is a little bit different.

Q:  Is there a veneer inside the fiberglass composite duct?

A: There are 3 types of the fiberglass composite duct. The first one is Aluminum foil composite duct, which the outer is aluminum foil, and inner is high strength glass fiber cloth. The second one is single side color steel composite air duct, which the outer is single colored steel, and the inner is the high strength glass fiber cloth. The third one is Duplex color steel composite air duct, which the inner and outer both are colored steel.

Q:Is the manufacturer responsible for installation of the glass fiber duct?

A:if the project need, our company have the professional installation team, and they will help you.

Q: Do you have any question in the project design?

A: In the project design, we can provide design support if it is related to our products.

Q: Do you mind if you could talk about the same brand like you, and contrast to them, what is your advantages?

A: So far the same kind brand like us are Ares, keymen, Yarrowr, Ducken

Wincell Insulation has now grown to a integrated supplier of research, sales and services towards rubber and plastic heat preservation system outside, shell protection system, glass wool insulation system, composite duct system, exterior wall thermal insulation system, love ear acoustic sound insulation heat preservation, floors built floating system.

To make sure the the quality and function of the products, Wincell Insulation   and has been recognized by the top military industry to escort the development of the Chinese navy, providing the liaoning aircraft carrier with thermal insulation services. Trane, york (Johnson controls) and McWell's China units rubber insulation materials are from us. Wincell Insulation  is an absolute leader in the field of commercial air conditioning supporting insulation.Wincell Insulation develop the depth cooperate with Greentown group, China Resources, Huawei, and win the trust and support of all kinds of industry.

Direct selling model, no fakes, no agents

High-quality and low price

Project records, price protection, standard and reliable

Management is standardized and institutionalized

SAP system in online, scan the code the products, security identification function. Products are first in and first our, no overstock, and factory will follow up the whole process on the scene

More than 70 direct offices across all the country, 24 hours of service, timely after-sales response

 Large storage capacity, strong logistics system support, and timely delivery

Q: Silencing air conditioning duct, do you make outside insulation?

A: Heat preservation has nothing to do with noise abatement. It mainly depends on whether this system is an air conditioning duct. If it is an air conditioning system, it needs heat preservation.

Q:Fiberglass windpipe and iron sheet add insulation, which one is more expensive?

A: The comprehensive comparison price should be based on the selected material thickness, material and so on.The specific project needs further analysis.

Algam + Heat preservation

Algam is non-combustible material, external usually use B1 level above the heat preservation material, made of the mechanical processing, high intensity, install viscosity and good flexibility to adapt to the higher request. It also has very strong corrosion resistance, long service life, convenient cleaning, but iron duct is a kind of rigid material, no silencing effect.

Composite duct

Composite air duct is a kind of material integrating pipe wall, heat preservation and protective layer.The biggest advantage of glass fiber composite duct is class A non-combustible, which is national standard gb8624-2012. The new type air duct made of centrifugal glass cotton board is light in weight, low in thermal conductivity and excellent in thermal insulation.At the same time, it has superior sound absorption performance, and it also can fully absorbs various noises in the airflow.

Composite duct usually use a special tool to make, no huge processing equipment, and it is very suitable for small space, which means it is convenient and quick. At last, the customer can choose the corresponding materials according to the different places and different requirement.

Q: What is the newest cloth duct made of?Do they need heat preservation?

A: The cloth duct mainly relies on the unique air outlet system of fiber infiltration and nozzle jet.

The cloth duct has no heat preservation and only work as the duct. The return air duct should be supplemented by rigid air duct, cloth duct can not do nothing when the air conditioner send wind to the front. Fire protection class is B1, and it is not easy to clean, no strength. At last, the surface of materials is easy to breed bacteria corrosion.


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