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Wincell Ring Cold NBR Foam

Wincell ring cold insulation material is a high-performance insulation system developed for the insulation engineering under ultra-low temperature working conditions.
Product description

Wincell ring cold insulation material is a high-performance insulation system developed for the insulation engineering under ultra-low temperature working conditions.

Win win energy-saving ultra-low temperature patent technology, this system is used to make the operation condition of the materials in cryogenic environment has the long-term stability of the low coefficient of thermal conductivity and the high wet resistance factor, heat preservation performance is good, the water vapor permeability resistance is outstanding, the soft material is easy to install, lower engineering cost, maintenance more convenient, for low temperature environment gas adiabatic, LNG storage and transportation has brought more safety and reliable of a full range of solutions.


WINCELL ring cold rubber is widely used in insulation engineering of pipelines, storage tanks and equipment in petrochemical, industrial gas and agricultural chemical industries. The system is especially suitable for the cold insulation of the pipeline in the field of liquefied natural gas. The long-term excellent and stable performance of ring cooling elastic cryogenic cooling system provides an important guarantee for the users of these facilities, including improving process control, reducing vaporization and energy consumption.

Product description

Elastic insulation body, better dispersion of internal and external impact

Industrial ring cold flexible cryogenic insulation materials can maintain good flexibility under diverse temperature conditions. It can not only disperse the external impact force of the adiabatic system, but also effectively solve the problem of stress accumulation caused by low-temperature contraction of metal pipe inside the system.

· adiabatic system with inherent shock resistance

· the impact force applied at local locations can be widely dispersed

· material cracking caused by stress concentration can be avoided

· hard foaming materials can avoid cracking at low temperature caused by vibration or impact

High oxygen index, good flame retardant performance

The oxygen index of ring cooling flexible cryogenic insulation material is ≥32%, the combustion has no drip leakage, self-extinguishing from fire and no flame propagation, which fully meets the requirements of the design specification SH3010 "technical specification for thermal insulation of petrochemical equipment and pipelines" that the oxygen index is ≥30%.

Low thermal conductivity

In cryogenic environment, the thermal conductivity of ring cold flexible cryogenic insulation material shows a linear steep decline trend, which is very close to the thermal conductivity of polyisocyanate (PIR), so the selection thickness of liquefied natural gas pipeline is also close.

Low moisture permeability, excellent moisture permeability

Ring cold flexible cryogenic insulation material bubble holes are small and uniform, the material joints are tight, the ring cold low-temperature system does not need to cover the insulation material on the surface of additional moisture-proof layer, the material itself is highly resistant to water vapor permeability is fully enough to play the role of water vapor permeability.

Corrosion resistance

Ring cooling and cryogenic rubber and plastic have ultra-high moisture resistance factor, so that the material has a very high continuous moisture permeability ability in the whole thickness direction, no need to install extra moisture-proof layer, can effectively reduce the risk of ultra-low temperature pipeline corrosion, greatly extend the service life of the cooling system.

Built-in expansion expansion joint

Ring cold rubber and plastic systems do not need to use fibrous materials as filler for expansion and expansion joints (such construction methods are typical in LNG pipelines with rigid foam). On the contrary, the problem of expansion joints required by traditional systems can be solved by installing each layer of low-temperature elastomer material with pressure according to the recommended reserved length.

In cryogenic and low temperature, elasticity makes the material expand and contract longitudinally, thus effectively solving the problem of stress accumulation caused by low temperature shrinkage of metal pipe.

Flexibility is an obvious advantage of the cooling system compared with traditional rigid foam materials. 

In the traditional system, glass wool or mineral wool is usually used as expansion joint to cushion the extrusion between each insulation section. These traditional expansion joints not only increase the construction time and complexity, but also lead to the extremely high risk of water vapor infiltration in these parts due to the use of open-hole fiber materials. This type of expansion joint needs special steam sealing treatment, which makes the installation more complicated.

Quick installation, better use economy

Ring cold flexible cryogenic insulation material has excellent flexibility and adaptability, convenient cutting and installation without expansion joints, the material can be directly wrapped in pipes and elbows, and can be easily attached to complex shaped equipment and pipe fittings. The material can be cut at will in the field, no electricity and fire during construction, no fiber and dust particles will be produced.

Technical parameter