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Wincell AL Foil Fiberglass Composite Duct

Compared with phenolic composite duct, glass fiber composite duct has the biggest "advantage" of class A non-combustible (national standard gb8624-2012). It is made of centrifugal glass wool board as the main body, composite made of new wind tube board, low thermal conductivity, excellent insulation effect. At the same time, it has excellent sound absorption performance, fully absorbing all kinds of noise in the air flow.
Product description

WDGL Wincell single-sided aluminum foil fiberglass composite duct lining is a kind of high-strength fiberglass board synthesized by thermosetting resin, with a density of 80kg/m3. Fiberglass black felt is applied on the surface of the fiberglass board and cotton adhesive is applied. The outer surface is colored steel with trapezoidal groove and pressed steel. It is easy to install, safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for cooling and heat preservation of water pipes and air pipes in hvac system, refrigeration and heating equipment, hot water pipes and process pipelines, and ensures the air tightness of the whole system.


Wincell single-sided aluminum foil glass fiber composite duct for a variety of space, such as business places, sports venues, electronics, food factories, supermarkets, such as business premises, production site can directly connect the fan equipment export, also can connect iron duct, composite duct, the scene actual situation can completely according to the air supply for air supply system arrangement.

Product description


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