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Insucover Cladding Accessaries

Auxiliary materials include double-sided adhesive tape, traceless adhesive tape, thread drawing pin, and special adhesive for u-pvc. Special auxiliary materials are convenient to carry and apply.
Product description

Bonding agent

A quick-drying type: used for temporary fixing, spot welding and gluing at joints.

B general type: used for continuous gluing at joints.

C filling type: used for U-PVC shell outer protective material packaging finished part

Loose parts, play the role of sealing and filling.

Double sided tape

Used for connecting u-pvc shell and outer protective material

Adhesion and fixation of the superposition.


Insucover auxiliary parts: used for bonding, gluing and other processes during the installation of Insucover, to ensure the stability of the installation of Insucover and the overall beauty and neatness.

Product description
Technical parameter