R & D innovation

rely on scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the company's core competitiveness, the company now has 20 invention patents, of which 4 invention patents, patent technology covers all series of products of the company.

  • Management
    Management Innovation
    Through the integration process, the integration and optimization of the process system is promoted, and the collaborative operation mode is innovated. Through the coverage and extension of the upstream and downstream supply chain of the integrated system, the cross-enterprise processes of marketing, service, procurement and other related businesses can be realized to effectively promote information sharing, improve work efficiency and strengthen management measures.
  • Synergy
    Synergy and Innovation
    Use office management OA system in order to "business linkage, complete synergy" design concept, relying on the information portal, build a more collaborative services, collaborative tools, collaborative application level, a flexible combination of the collaborative application model, document flow, for examination and approval of business, knowledge management, work management, resource management, collaboration, communication and data exchange platform, fully meet the key application of collaborative office. CRM system and deepen the application of SAP system, established a product design, process of collaborative platform based on network environment, the initial extension between affiliated enterprise of collaborative design and manufacturing, for the extension of product whole life cycle management laid the foundation, each layer for the enterprise provides an efficient source of data and operation data, ensure the quality of the intelligent decision.
  • Industrial Chain
    Industrial Chain Collaboration
    Through the extension of the information integration system up and down the supply chain, the overall resource sharing and collaboration of the industrial chain can be driven. So far, marketing, service, procurement and other upstream and downstream coordinated operation has become mature, and the overall informatization level of external marketing network and suppliers has been effectively improved.